Treat yourself to crystal-clear, great-tasting filtered drinking water with your choice of Zip chillers.

  • Zip Chilltap, putting chilled filtered water on tap at any kitchen sink.
  • Zip Chilltap Extra, giving both chilled filtered drinking water and cold (ambient) filtered water for rinsing fruit and vegetables.
  • Zip Filter Tap, giving filtered cold (ambient) water only.
  • Zip Chillmaster upright chillers for building sites, factories, reception areas.
  Zip filtered water systems
This Zip brochure introduces you to filtered water systems giving chilled filtered water, cold (ambient) filtered water, and sparkling chilled filtered water -all with new 0.2 micron filtration for great tasting, healthier drinking.
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  Zip Global Plus Filters
Superior high volume commercial water filtration for the food service industry. Used for drinking water applications, boiling water applications and freezing water applications.
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